• mdmcbx.inf: Windows 95 Device Information file. This file is needed to use a direct connection with Windows 95 internet software. Some people have had difficulties installing the latest revision that hangs up with out timing out (approximately 30 seconds to time out). I recommend that you download the latest version and work backwards if you have problems. The Cisco drivers should work with other hardware also.
    • Revision CISCO2: May 22, 1998. Special thanks to Vince at Cisco Systems. It adds four response lines to Mark Crossley's original script.
    • Revision CISCO: April 18, 1997. Special thanks to Mark Crossley for sending in this file. It provides two NULL connections to RAS servers, either Serial or Parallel. These are also configured to send the CLIENT string before the phone number, so it doesn't what number the user enters. Plus it also has a generic Null Serial connection, this could be used for direct PPPconnection to Cisco routers for example (this is what Mark is using it for). It takes any recieved data as a connect string (by using as the accepted character), so the server side doesn't have to send anything specific, just something!
    • Revision NT: September 4, 1996. (WINDOWS NT ONLY) Changed init string to "INIT" to work with NT 3.51. Change Signature line to "$CHICAGO$".
    • Revision 4: March 2, 1996. Cleaned out some extraneous lines. However, some people haven't been able to install this version.
    • Revision 3: 11 December 1995. Now hangs up with out timing out. Also, connections can be made without the "manual dial" option.
    • Revision 2: 13 November 1995. Added support for speeds greater than 19200 bps.
    • Revision 1: 5 November 1995. First revision.
    • Original: Again, I do not have this file. Please send a copy if you still have this.
  • slipdef.txt: Script to automate SLIP login for *most* Virginia Tech connections using the CBX (default SLIP).
  • slipstat.txt: Script to automate SLIP login for static IP address connections using the CBX (Common Branch eXchange).

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